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Ultra-Series Concrete


  •  Bettermix provied a premium conuncret in egypt with our new Ultra series concret mixes 


Ultra-Light Weight

Better mix one of the pioneers in this product since we have mixes Ranges densities  from 650 to 2000 KG per cm2 

and strengthes from 2 to 6 MPA (20 to 60 kg/cm2)


  1. Roof slops
  2. Isolation


Ultra-Early strength

These types of concrete are considered among the concrete that we compete with in the current period because they meet the needs of modern projects


Ultra-Water Proofing

Waterproof concrete (also called integral concrete) is generally best for water retaining structures and less critical basements that are less than 10 meters deep, where soil conditions are not aggressive, and where the consequences of flooding are less severe.

Concrete contain water proofing admixture liquid or powders


  • For isolations tanks from contaminations with soil waters and to protect the element of water leakage to be in or inside the concrete.


Steel Fibers Concrete.

Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – Contains stainless steel, alloy steel, or carbon steel fibers conforming to ASTM A820
All mixes grads start from 25 MPA with different dosage of steel


  1. Slab on heavy industries factures
  2. Truck places (Gauge)
  3. Floor foundation

Fibers Concrete.

Type I:   Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – Contains alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibers conforming to ASTM C1666

Type II:  Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – Contains synthetic fibers including polyolefin fibers. Polyolefin fibers shall conform to ASTM D7508

Type III:  Natural Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – Contains natural fibers including cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers shall conform to ASTM D7357

All mixes grads start from 20 MPA with different dosage of
fiber and length (6,12,18mm)


  1. Slab on grad
  2. Minimizing cracks on the floors


Ultra Stabilized mortar (bricklaying and plastering).

All mixes grads start from 2 to 20 MPA with different densities


  1. Bricks
  2. Plastering
  3. Rendering




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